The city of Myopia has BIG problems. But the biggest problem of all: The Zenibeasts! Starring Mashibuni: the muscular menace of Myopia & Hagura, the heart-warming horror from heck!

Hagura loves Mashibuni’s cute little head, but Mashibuni would rather not draw attention to the least macho part of himself…

Writer, Director and Animator: Molly Heady-Carroll
Additional Keyposing: Junaid Chundrigar
Title Card: Klaus Scherwinski
Sound Design: Ben Reichstein
Music: Michiel Nijhof
Creative Consultancy: Charles Zembillas, Barry E. Jackson
With Support from: Animation Academy, The Zoom Art Studio
Zenibeasts Created by: Erik van Wace & Molly Heady-Carroll

Graphixly Presents: Make a Hit Indie Animation in Clip Studio Paint with Molly Heady Carroll

Molly teaches you how to create your very own indie animated hit with Clip Studio Paint and her experience creating her hand-animated short film “Zenibeasts: Kaiju Cutie”. Get a personal look behind-the-scenes of Kaiju Cutie’s production and discover how Clip Studio Paint can launch your adventure into animation!