The city of Myopia has BIG problems. In a twist of karmic fate, the citizens’ actions have birthed their biggest problem: The Zenibeasts!

These giant monsters act like rowdy children and Myopia is their playground. Settling their rivalries means just squabbling for the Zenibeasts... But utter annihilation for the Myopians!

Molly Heady-Carroll 

Director of Zenibeasts

Irish-born Molly Heady-Carroll is a 2D artist and animator based in the Netherlands who specializes in all things creatures. Always obsessed with studying animals (especially reptiles), she now makes up her own as a Creature Consultant in the games and animation industry.

In 2013, Molly co-founded Arcane Circus, the game studio behind "Crap! I'm Broke" and the Kaiju-based pan media IP "Zenibeasts", whose recently released animated short “Kaiju Cutie” just blew up on YouTube. Molly freelances for clients such as Netflix, Universal Pictures, Night School Studios, BBC, Impact Gameworks, Crackshell Games and Anikey Studios. She also gives lectures about creature design at conferences all over the world and teaches at the Utrecht University of the Arts.
The Dutch game studio behind Zenibeasts and Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket.

Arcane Circus was established in 2013 by founders Erik van Wace and Molly Heady-Carroll. Arcane Circus strives to create games that are peculiar, varied, quirky, and lovingly crafted with a strong, creative voice.

The Circus brings together all sorts of curious oddities for your entertainment.

At your service.