Lights, camera, destruction! Be a Zenibeast, perform devastating attacks and compete for the media spotlight in Zenibeasts: Breaking News! Take your pick of Goshiblob, Hagura, Ojira or Mashibuni and let’s find out which species the camera loves best!
Game Design by Christophe Lauras & Jean-Francois Guerrero

Featuring art by Charles Zembillas

(Character designer for He-Man, She-Ra, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Jak & Daxter.)


Discover the strange origin stories of the Zenibeasts in this one-shot comic series.

Featuring art by Lin Setzekorn.

Zenibeasts: The Animated Series

Coming soon...
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The unfortunate result of pollution in Myopia’s Bro Beach district. Due to the contamination of the ocean by steroids, the local sea urchins have mutated into these awesome beasts known as Mashibuni. Now, the mutated sea urchins are taking revenge on the beach locals for years of being turned into seaside Hors d'oeuvre and tacky souvenirs.


Hagura are aliens and are obsessed with cuteness. How could they resist the Kawaii Town District of Myopia: with its tiny humans, pastel colours, happy music and bright lights? Unfortunately, Hagura play rough: hugging buildings, playing with cars and blowing flaming kisses. Awww...


Goshiblobs start life as a common but harmless brain parasite, nestled in their host’s hippocampus and feeding off the host’s brain activity. 

The parasites’ favourite thoughts are false information the host BELIEVES to be true. The parasite excretes a residue when feeding off these untruths (and gives the host a hit of endorphins as a reward.). The host hucks up this residue, which has emassed into the gigantic horrors that threaten Myopia today.


Ojira were accidentally created along side the internet. They lived undetected in the information super highway as Bytebugs, feeding on and shaped by our input. But as we all know, the internet is not a pleasant environment to be raised in. Ojira were shaped into infinitely powerful and immature beings. After growing too powerful, the Ojira broke out of the internet and into our world. Now they are on a rampage, hell-bent on ruining everyone else’s lives for their own amusement.


Prof. Shinya Kubodera

Prof. Kubodera is world famous for his exotic and life-threatening expeditions to find, take down and research giant animals. Shinya is exceptionally tough and intelligent. He is quickly bored by situations that do not allow him to further his research or promote himself.

Tanya Krakowski

Tanya was offered a position as Roving Reporter for 24 Action News around the time the Zenibeasts sightings were becoming commonplace. It has proven to be an increasingly dangerous job, but Tanya’s bravery and athletic ability makes her a natural for the job.

Gary Hubert

Rampage Forecaster (former weatherman) Gary is a fan favourite on 24 Action News. He is barely able to keep up with the 24/7 aspect of the job.

Gary has very large hands. (You may not have noticed.)



The Dutch game studio behind Zenibeasts and Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket.
Arcane Circus was established in 2013 by founders Erik van Wace and Molly Heady-Carroll. Arcane Circus strives to create games that are peculiar, varied, quirky, and lovingly crafted with a strong, creative voice.

The Circus brings together all sorts of curious oddities for your entertainment.
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